FREE Paul Van Dyk Tomorrowland Set

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FREE with a Tweet: Tomorrowland Mix 2017 Part 1
FREE with a Facebook Like: Tomorrowland Mix 2017 Part 2
FREE with a Spotify follow: Tomorrowland Mix 2017 part 3

How it works

Welcome to Paul van Dyk's Social Store! You can download PvD's Tomorrowland set for free 
in return for a tweet, a Facebook like and a Spotify follow. It's so easy you can do it in seconds 

After tweeting, liking and following, we will send you an e-mail containing a link to download your product 

We hope you enjoy the music!

      • In order to download an item you need to follow @PAULVANDYK on Twitter, like Paul van Dyk on Facebook and follow Paul van Dyk on Spotify
      • The only requirement needed to receive a mix, is having a social media account and email address. No credit card needed.
      • Your tweet must at least contain 2 items: #paywithatweet and @PAULVANDYK
      • Did you post a tweet, but you have not received a product yet? Please keep in mind that our team is working very hard to help all customers, we aim to deliver your product in 24 hours.