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FREE with #paywithatweet: Andain - Summer Calling
FREE with #paywithatweet: Dryra, EpicFail - Run Your Love
FREE with #paywithatweet: Alex Kunnari - Last Night
FREE with a Like: Andain - Summer Calling
FREE with a Like: Dryra, EpicFail - Run Your Love
FREE with a Like: Alex Kunnari - Last Night
iOS: FREE with #paywithatweet: Betsie Larkin - We Are the Sound
Android: FREE with #paywithatweet: Betsie Larkin - We Are the So
iOS: FREE with #paywithatweet: Markus Schulz - Destiny
Android: FREE with #paywithatweet: Markus Schulz - Destiny
FREE with #instafollow: Black Hole Wallpaper

How it works...

This page has music, ringtones & more that you can pay for by simply sending a tweet, liking the Black Hole Recordings Facebook page or by following Black Hole Recordings on Instagram or Spotify. It's so easy, you can do it in seconds.

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After confirming your purchase, we will send you an e-mail containing a link to download your product. At busy times, it might take a few hours before you receive this e-mail.

    • In order to purchase an item with a tweet you need to follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram or Spotify
    • If you click the 'Follow on Spotify' button, you wil follow the Black Hole Recordings playlist on Spotify in return for a free track download.
    • The only requirement needed to make a purchase, is having a social media account and email address. No credit card needed.
    • Please note, if you purchase during weekends, delivery can be delayed.
    • Make sure to keep following us on Twitter; we will post frequent updates about new products in our pop up store.
    • Your tweet must at least contain 2 items: #paywithatweet and @Blackholerec 
    • Did you post a tweet, but you haven't received a product yet? Please keep in mind that our team is working very hard to help all customers, we aim to deliver your product in 24 hours.
    • Want to have your own digital pop up store? Please email [email protected]

    Having trouble downloading your file?

    • Desktop: click the link to open your file. Optionally, you can add tracks, videos and ringtones to iTunes.
    • Android: click the link and open in your browser to trigger the download.
    • iOS: click the link to listen or view the file. iOS does not support downloads of music or videos. If you wish to add the file to a mobile device, please download the file on your desktop and add it to your mobile device using iTunes.