Pay with a Like, Tweet, Spotify follow or Instafollow

FREE with Spotify: Why (2-MINUTE EDIT)
FREE with Spotify: Belly Dance (2-MINUTE EDIT)
Free with Spotify: Mindwaves (2-MINUTE EDIT)
FREE with Spotify: Kingdom (2-MINUTE EDIT)
FREE with Spotify: All There Is (2-MINUTE EDIT)
FREE with Spotify: Losing Battles (2-MINUTE EDIT)
FREE with Spotify: Shadows (2-MINUTE EDIT)

How it Works

This page has free Black Hole Recordings music that you can pay for by simply sending a tweet, liking the Kwettr Facebook page, following Kwettr on Instagram or following Black Hole Recordings on Spotify.

It's so easy, you can do it in seconds.

After confirming your download, we will send you an e-mail containing a link to download your product. 

    • In order to purchase a product with a tweet you need to follow Kwettr on Twitter, Like Kwettr on Facebook, follow Kwettr on Instagram or follow Black Hole Recordings on Spotify.
    • The only requirement needed to make a purchase, is having a social media account and email address. No credit card needed.
    • Your tweet must at least contain 2 items: #paywithatweet and @Kwettr